Evictionism Theory: A Response to Becky Akers

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Thanks to Becky Akers for mentioning my evictionism theory, which rejects both the pro life and pro choice positions as incompatible with libertarianism. This article of mine — but also see this — links to some dozen articles I have written on the subject, and includes numerous responses of mine to objections that have been levelled against it. I have been publishing on this issue since the late 1970s, and do indeed reply to all sorts of objections to it.

Evictionism will save the lives of the most helpless human beings, and is thus “pro life.” It is the only stance on abortion fully compatible with libertarian theory. Both the official pro life and pro choice perspectives are incompatible with the non aggression principle and private property rights, the essence of libertarianism.

Since my three speeches in Tampa touching on this issue I have received almost one thousand e-mail letters remarking on the talk I gave there. The overwhelming majority of my correspondents thanked me for introducing them for the first time to an important concept. I would ask all of those who are interested in this perspective to read what I wrote about it, and not content themselves with listening to a speech of mine on this topic of only a few minutes, where I do not have time to respond to reasonable objections.

9:53 pm on September 10, 2012