Everything That’s Wrong With the TSA’s ‘Chat-Downs,’ in a Nutshell

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You may recall that the TSA took us another step closer to totalitarianism in August when it added interrogations of all passengers to its arsenal of weapons against the Constitution. So far, it’s forcing folks to converse with its goons only at Boston Logan in what it bills as a “trial program,” but it plans on expanding this horror to every airport.

And just as it does to those who refuse to expose and irradiate themselves in its porno-scanners, the TSA punishes anyone who declines to tell its thugs where he’s travelling and why. That has USA Today crowing that “only 48 travelers out of about 132,000 who have been questioned here at Logan have refused to answer the questions,” with the implication that wackos alone object to justifying themselves and their movements to government. But perhaps the low number of dissidents is due to the delay and degradation when “instead their carry-on bags [are] physically searched.”

Rest assured that “’If they refuse to answer, we (still) let them catch their flight,’ says Ed Freni, Logan’s aviation director.”

Generous of them, isn’t it?

10:04 am on October 14, 2011