Even the fluff stories are “aged news” in the mainstream media

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In a recent story on The Daily Show, newspaper stories were christened “aged news” since stories in newspapers are all, well, aged.

Yet, even TV news is so behind the ball, that I’m now seeing stories that I read on a blog a month ago. I see that Drudge today linked to a story about a racy Manhattan billboard by Calvin Klein showing what is implied to be a bunch of people involved in a threesome (or possibly a foursome). I agree with the story that this is a desperate move by a desperate designer. Really, when was the last time anyone thought about Calvin Klein?  1998?  This billboard might be shocking or edgy if Calvin Klein had found a time machine and shipped the ad back to 1994.

Yet, I had already seen the story on the Advertising is Good For You blog back on May 15th. The author’s sentiments pretty much sum the whole affair up better than I can.

The Advertising is Good For You writer had picked up the story from the copyranter blogger who had seen it from his own building, snapped a photo, and blogged about it on May 14th.

Way to go channel 2 news in New York!  Thanks for broadcasting that golden oldie about the billboard. If it weren’t for you, we’d have to get our news when it was news, on blogs, commercial free.

Of course, the whole affair isn’t actually “news” at all, so the fact that trained journalists have spent time following the story is contemptible in itself.

Update: Anthony Gregory sends along this classic SNL skit about CK.

8:50 pm on June 15, 2009