Even Make-Believe Tobacco Is Banned?

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If the people-pushers of St. Paul are now criminalizing candy cigarettes and bubble-gum cigars, what will next attract their sociopathic attentions?  I remember both of these products as a child, and even bought them.  Guess what? I have never (as in never) smoked a cigarette or chewed tobacco!  I also remember licorice pipes (which I occasionally bought because I love licorice).  But when I recall that lovely scene in the Hepburn/Tracy film Adam’s Rib – in which Tracy fakes suicide by putting a licorice “gun” in his mouth, I wonder if the city boob-hustlers of St. Paul will soon be in court to ban the showing of this film?

That Minnesota has long had the reputation of being one of the most highly-statist regions of the country (does the name “Hubert Humphrey” come to mind?) it is clear that a lot of its residents have not become house-broken, and remain unfit for living amongst civilized people!

11:35 am on December 28, 2012