Even ‘Government Officials…Don’t Believe Government’

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The commissioners of Broward County, Florida worry that the TSA’s carcinogenic scanners are, well, carcinogenic. The mayor flies frequently, so this is a personal and pressing problem for him. “I’m already getting bombarded with all this radiation,” he says. “I don’t want any more.”

Ergo, the TSA mounted one of its dog-and-pony shows. A spokesliar “[read] from a lengthy statement citing numerous studies that found the X-ray levels fall under the thresholds for concern…‘TSA would not use technology that could jeopardize the health of passengers or our employees,’ he said.” Yeah, I’ll wait until you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing.

It gets better. Apparently, the TSA tried courting the mayor — but failed. “[D]espite the time he spent over the past week with TSA officials, he’s ‘still not sold.’” So he and most of the commissioners voted to “request” that the TSA reconsider irradiating us.

Among the dissenters was Comrade-sorry, Commissioner Stacy Ritter. She believes, unbelievably enough, that passengers have “’some personal responsibility here.’ If travelers study the issue and decide they don’t want to go through the scanners, they don’t have to. They can opt for a thorough pat-down.” This is what passes for “choice” among Our Rulers — and since we may “choose,” this moron figures the Feds should be free to endanger us. Wanna bet she’d never extend that same liberty to entrepreneurs (not that they’d want it)?

You won’t be surprised to learn that she also “said she trusted what the TSA said. …‘Are we as government officials going to say we don’t believe government?[‘ she asked. ‘]Well, I won’t say that.’”

Finally! A politician with conviction, willing to fall on her sword for the overlords in DC! Let us hope she reaps the due rewards of such loyalty.

9:52 am on December 14, 2011