Even ‘Government Decision Makers’ Don’t Believe the TSA!

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Homeland Security Today bills itself as “the leading source for independent news and analysis on homeland security affairs” and sympathizes as much as its name implies with that enormous hoax. And so it reverently reported the TSA’s recent vaporings about mass transit, terrorists and the heavy travel expected over the upcoming holidays. As usual, there is no “specific new threat,” so the agency’s haruspex sacrificed freedom, examined its liver, and intoned, “Buses remain an attractive terrorist target due to their open architecture and accessibility for use by millions of travelers.”

Alas, not even HSToday’s readers — “government decision makers,” as its subhead informs us in suitable Jargon — buy this crock. A poll following the article asks, “How high do you believe the terrorist threat to transportation to be this holiday season given TSA’s bulletin warning of possible terrorist interest in transportation attacks, particularly against buses?” A whopping 35% put the “threat” in the lowest category, “Negligible”; that equals the two second-highest ones, “Serious” (21%) and “Severe” (14%), combined. Another 14% of respondents checked “Low.” Not a single person rated the peril “imminent.”

Obviously, not all voters are Leviathan’s lackeys drunk on Kool-Aid: anyone who visits the website can participate in the poll. But still … seems the TSA’s credibility has hit rock-bottom even among the Warriors on Terror!

5:06 am on November 15, 2011