Even Celebrities Can’t Buck the Medical Establishment

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Jenny McCarthy has been dropped from appearing at a cancer fundraiser because she holds contrarian views in terms of the vaccination nation. Now I’m not sure if the views she expresses are well done or ditzy (likely the latter), but this is the snippet from the article I found to be interesting: someone’s views were considered to be “dangerous by most of the medical establishment.” Well how dare anyone view anything differently than the medical corporate state!

I hate to give these people “hits,” but websites like this are too ridiculous to not tell people about them: the anti-vaccine body count. This website does not rely on science, or even weak correlations – it just runs random numbers on the screen with claims that the deaths/illnesses were caused by a lack of vaccinations, hoping to bait a small sample of idiots who are easily hooked by sound bites.

The Village Voice got it right fourteen years ago when it called the rhetoric of the vaccination propagandists “alarmist, sensational, and overstated.” Thanks to Charles Everett for the link. Follow me on Twitter @karendecoster.

2:11 pm on February 3, 2013