Erin Go Bragh

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Half of Irish homeowners are refusing to pay a new property tax introduced to bailout the banks—that is, for “austerity,” as this policy is usually called. The looters threaten violence, but no government can enforce such an evil against half the population. May this only be the beginning, since the new tax certainly is. Let the fractional-reserve banksters go down instead of their victims. (Thanks to John Bolstad)

UPDATE from Paul Farah:

If the Irish would simply dump their military, they could peel 1.3 billion euros right off the budget. Ireland has not been involved in a war since it broke away from England in 1922, so I doubt the military would even be missed.  Notice how the talk of austerity always is for cutbacks for things the people need.  It’s never for the zoom bang gizmos of the elite who run the government.

10:22 am on May 22, 2012