Eric Holder’s Dialectic of Contradiction

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Holder is a hack. He got his first break by defying federal judge Royce Lamberth, who referred the  case of HillaryCare guru Ira Magaziner to Holder, US Attorney for DC, for prosecution because Magaziner had lied to Lamberth’s court. Holder the Lapdog Doormat rolled over, turning a blind eye to another ClintonCrime, and was rewarded with his nomination to become Janet Reno’s deputy at “Clinton Justice” (sorry for the oxymoron).

Now Holder explains his philosophy of law. Watch closely, because it is a bipartisan emblem of the age:

“My job as attorney general is to look at the law, apply the facts to the law and ultimately do what I think is in the best interests of this country and our system of justice. Those are my guides.”

So does Holder follow the law, or apply the law, or honor the law? Of course not. Like most in the legal profession of our day, Holder glances at the law, and perhaps even at the facts — and then he does what he damned well pleases. This is the definition of judicial tyranny, and it is everywhere.

11:09 am on November 15, 2009