Eric ‘Hack’ Holder Loses Another One

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Attorney General Holder slimed his way up the ladder by doing favors for his political patrons during the Clinton years (you might recall the he was DC’s U.S. Attorney and refused to prosecute a Clinton protege referred to him for prosecution by a federal court. His reward? He became Janet Reno’s deputy. Enough said.)

Hack’s latest move was to prosecute retired chemistry professor Julian P. Heicklen with a criminal charge of “Jury Tampering. Heicklen “was indicted in 2010 after he held a ‘Jury Info’ sign and gave out the brochures arguing for nullification, which asks jurors to ignore laws they disagree with and acquit those accused of breaking the laws.” The entire charade was a contrived attempt to harass Heicklen and intimidate honest jurors nationwide — but Heicklen didn’t bite. He represented himself and won. And note, please, that the federal judge who threw out the case was none other than Kimba Wood, who was Bill Clinton’s first choice to be his Attorney General. Ms. Kimba dissed the Hack— major league, big time.

Historian Forrest McDonald has observed how “directed verdicts” and other diminutions of the right to trial by jury have grown over the course of the Republic (see this fascinating article on the explosion of summary judgments in recent years). Originally, jurors were empowered to consider the law and interpret it for themselves, and then apply it to the case being heard. Now, the judge can tell them that they must return a guilty verdict, if fact A, B, and/or C has been proven. No longer does the independent and informed judgment of twelve good men and true protect the rights of the accused.

Hack Holder is the most pompous Attorney General to come along in years. Many in Congress have called for his resignation or impeachment because of his role in “Fast and Furious.” His response? They’re all “McCarthyites.” (By the way, McCarthy was right). Did Holder perjure himself? If he is indicted, he’d better hope that Professor Heicklen is handing out his flyers outside the courthouse, or else the Hack will be toast.

5:37 am on April 20, 2012