Enroll at Rothbard University in Toronto! This means YOU!

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There are dozens of free market, Austrian libertarian week and half week long seminars given for college students over the summer in the U.S. In my view, by far the best of them is the Mises University put on by the Mises Institute (http://mises.org/events/184/Mises-University-2014). This program has been running for decades, and, as I say, it is by far the best introduction for Austro libertarianism on the planet. However, there is a “problem” with it: usually there are far more applications for attendance than there are open slots available. This year, 2014, there were some 450 applications, and only 130-150 acceptances. (Some rich donor ought to step up and finance the Mises Institute so that they could put on two or three of these events per summer, instead of the present single one). What is to be done for those roughly 300 students who applied for admission to the Mises University, but were rejected?

They ought to seriously consider applying to the second best summer seminar on austro libertarianism, the one put on by the Mises Institute Canada, and very appropriately entitled Rothbard University. (Full disclosure here: I am on the faculty for both of these splendid events). There is a faculty of leading Austro-libertarians, and room and board, registration, tuition, is all free. All you need do is get to Toronto in time for this event. For more information, particularly about the faculty, go here: http://mises.ca/rothbard-university-2014/

And not only rejectees from Mises University should consider attending Rothbard University in Toronto. Even those who have been accepted should also consider this option. After all, students commonly attend two, three, four, even more week long seminars in the summer. If so, do place Rothbard University in Toronto high up on your list. As I say, this is the second best event of this sort in my opinion. Due to the fact that Rothbard University is being put on for the first time in 2014, there are still open slots. But these are quickly disappearing. So apply at once. Now! This means YOU. Yes, you, if you are interested in learning more about Mises, Rothbard, Austrian economics and libertarianism.

4:20 pm on May 13, 2014