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“The momentum of the Taliban in key areas has been reversed,” General Petraeus assured us last year. Now we read that the “debilitated” Taliban have killed 31 American troops, the greatest loss of Americans in a single incident in the entire war.

It’s time to end this lunacy. Countless rapacious American contractors are becoming multimillionaires, charging $800 per gallons of  fuel delivered to Afghanistan, supplying useless vehicles to rapacious Afghan forces, and constantly rebuilding infrastructure that the Taliban constantly destroys. Both parties — Democrat “anti-warriors” and Republican “budget cutters” — are silent while this unconstitutional and immoral trillion-dollar war goes on forever. And don’t forget their silence on Libya and Iraq, either.

Let’s face it: Our tax dollars are supporting Pashtun pederasts and Kabul Corruptos by the hundreds of billions. Meanwhile, one of the few friends I still have at the Pentagon tells me we have to stay in Afghanistan “until we figure out why we’re there.” Price for that dithering idiocy: 31 more American lives today, and counting.

Before he left the Pentagon, Secretary Robert Gates said that “it was nearly impossible to get accurate information and answers to questions such as ‘how much money do you spend’ and ‘how many people do you have?'” If our government can’t eliminate its own corruption, fraud, and mismanagement, does it expect that occupying Afghanistan is going turn around the corrupt Karzai and the Pashtun perverts? Petraeus has now left Afghanistan to take over the CIA’s Secret Army (SA) — which the bipartisan hacks on Capitol Hill undoubtedly expect will carry on the Afghan war forever.

Ron Paul had it right four years ago. “Just leave!” — now more than ever.

1:20 pm on August 6, 2011