Endless War’s Cheerleader Bought and Paid For

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This just in, apparently from an inhabitant of Newt’s Moon Colony:

“U.S. Representative Howard McKeon (R-CA), Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, said through a spokesman that ‘now is not the time to abandon hope and freedom’s cause, but to persevere,’ and urged Obama to ‘rally the American people to this cause and demonstrate the will to win.'”

Thus reads the Republican version of NewSpeak’s Ninth Edition, whose editor, Syme, was quickly vaporized by Big Brother.

Hope is a theological virtue, Buck. And freedom’s cause doesn’t kill innocent civilians. And “win”? Winning means more Pentagon spending, right?

If you have any doubts, check out McKeon’s top donors.

With Republican “leaders” like this, the GOP is doomed. And so are we.

9:19 am on March 13, 2012