Endless Ocean of Arrogance

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Chris Lihou writes:

The Federal Government is trying to close down the Atlantic Ocean because they (USGOV) have no money to keep it open. (Yellow tape on all the beaches? Obama wearing a crown and sitting on a golden throne at the water’s edge commanding the tide to obey him?)

What comes next? Will the EPA prohibit us all from breathing because they have no money to keep oxygen in the air? Will they prohibit us all from saying our prayers to God because the NSA has no money to eavesdrop on what we say? Is the sky falling because they have no money to keep it up there?

Maybe they should shut down Europe? How about they shut down China? I sure hope they don’t tell North Korea their country is closed because we have no money to keep it open. Kim Il whatever-the-latest-one’s-name-is-now just might be more dangerously crazy than our circus team, although that’s doubtful.

I always knew our politicians were egomaniacs. Talk about an exaggerated sense of their own importance. Shutting the Atlantic Ocean down. They going to stop the next hurricane from coming ashore because they are out of funds to deal with it? Ah! Now that would be really useful…..

9:56 pm on October 9, 2013