End Run Around the Medical Cartel

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Writes Logan Hertz:

An anecdote from a friend of mine:

My family had a bout of scabies (a little embarrassing) that they gave to me. Because you can’t get medicine for it over-the-counter, I researched what the ingredient is that kills them. I found it to be permethrin, which is a synthetic chemical created to kill scabies and lice. They do not sell anything over the counter in a strong enough concentration to kill scabies. But guess what?…they do for dogs!

So we all used the dog stuff, mixed it with lotion, and were cured within a week. My family had been suffering with it for 2 months!

It is ridiculous that you should have to pay a doctor to diagnose something you already know you have, then pay $80.00 a tube for the stuff. The dog armour costs $10.00….for four tubes.

2:17 pm on November 24, 2013