Emergency Prep

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Amazon.com is the one-stop shop for emergency prep and survival products (and everything else!). For example, here are some perennial favorites and new finds ordered last week:

Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System;
Thousand Ft. Spools of Paracord;
Swedish Firesteel Fire Starters;
100 Ounce UnBottle Hydration System; and the
Wind ‘N Go Portable Lantern/Radio.

The best selling books for last week are:

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, by James W. Douglass;
How and Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, by Peter Schiff; and
Gold, Peace and Prosperity:  The Birth of a New Currency, by Ron Paul.

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1:57 pm on May 17, 2010