Embedded Christian Intellectuals

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In his article today, Dan suggests that The New Pantagruel may be anti-war. Poking around the site I found this exhilarating anti-Empire article, Christian Intellectuals, Embedded and Otherwise. Like typical humanities types he seems to throw real voluntarist capitalism, the sin of materialism and fascist state ‘capitalism’ into the same conceptual blender, (this is like treating marriage, lust and rape as all, more or less, the same thing).

Nevertheless, it is worth wading through that to read lines like these: “…we must demolish unrelentingly the illusions promulgated by Novak, Elshtain, Weigel, Neuhaus, and other embedded Christian intellectuals. Whether ignorant or heedless of American hubris, they sanitize their accounts of the imperial order… Stale and obscurantist, their rendering unto Official Sources merits rebuke and inattention. It’s time for regime change among Christian intellectuals.” Bravo!

12:17 pm on July 23, 2004