Egads, I hate Georgism

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Rothbard just demolishes Georgism in his The Single Tax: Economic and Moral Implications and A Reply to Georgist Criticisms. I’m reading now Doherty’s excellent book, Radicals For Capitalism, and I must say that when I read the parts about “early” or “proto-libertarians” being influenced by Georgism (or being Georgists), it drives me nuts. I think this is even worse than nutty Galambosianism; even worse than the outright socialism and leftism that some libertarians flirt with in youth before they get some sense. At least no one pretends socialism is libertarian. Why anyone would ever think Georgism makes any sense whatsoever, or is compatible with libertarianism, I have no idea. It has always seemed to me to be pure economic crankism and yet another form of socialism. In my view, our libertarian movement and philosophy should have nothing to do with Georgism.

10:58 am on April 25, 2007