Educating the Uneducable

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Seven Transportation Security Administration employees at Philadelphia International Airport face losing their jobs after an eight-month internal investigation” because they bribed “a training instructor responsible for administering annual proficiency exams … to ensure passing grades.”

A “proficiency exam” on groping passengers, and you can’t pass it without buying off the teacher? What, you forget whether to assault your victims below or above the waist first? You’re not sure whether to squeeze them hard or really hard? Just how stupid are these morons? I mean, we’re not talking quadratic equations or Latin conjugations here. Nope, we’re dealing with gate-rape and theft, crimes that come so naturally to the TSA’s slime they ought to earn A’s without even trying.

By the way, your taxes also pay for “associate degree program[s]” so these bozos can “receive certification” in sexual molestation and swiping shampoo. “TSA has partnered with community colleges to provide TSOs [sic for ‘perverts and thieves’] the opportunity to work toward a TSA Homeland Security certificate, or an associate degree in Homeland Security or a related field,’ said TSA regional spokesman [sic for ‘propagandist’] Ann Davis…Davis said 2,500 officers have enrolled in the program across the country.”

Again, the mind boggles. Imagine the classes on which these imbeciles waste their time and our money. “Malingering 101.” “Barking Orders: Advanced Screaming and Shrieking.” “Making Little Kids Cry (Earn Extra Credit if They’re in Wheelchairs!).” “Humiliating Survivors of Cancer: How To Break Urostomy Bags and Drench Them in Their Own Urine.” For sure there are no courses on the Constitution, other than “Shredding Unrecyclable Trash, Then Dousing It with the Gels and Liquids You Stole from Passengers.”


4:48 am on June 16, 2012