Editorial change at the American Journal of Economics and Sociology

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I have published almost a dozen articles in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology over the years, so I can assure you that the AJES is receptive to my own Austro-libertarian perspective. Recently, I heard of an editorial change in focus that would soon occur with that journal. (I initially thought that the AJES was shutting down, but I was mistaken.)

I was interested in what prompted the change in the AJES and so as a long time contributor  I decided to ask the editor about this.  This is the message I received in response: “The AJES is not shutting down.  However, the new editor (Cliff Cobb as of January 2014) is the person you need to contact about the new emphasis of this journal.  His e-mail address is cliff.cobb@gmail.com<mailto:cliff.cobb@gmail.com>.  The decision to change the nature of the journal was made by the Board that oversees the journal and to whom I report.  The decision is designed to emphasize much more strongly Georgist topics.  It was decided that since the impact factor of the AJES was so low that it would not matter if the journal was radically changed into something else.  So, a nearly clean break with its academic past was made.

9:22 pm on August 1, 2013