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Interesting article in Wired on one of the GreenPeace founders, Patrick Moore, who has found himself at odds with the environmental movement [thanks Acton News & Commentary]. Some choice quotes:

“There’s no getting around the fact that 6 billion people wake up every morning with a real need for food, energy, and material.” It is this fact, he charges, that environmentalists fail to grasp. “Their idea is that all human activity is negative, while trees are by nature good,” he says. “That’s a religious interpretation, not a scientific or logical interpretation.”
“This is where the environmental movement is dangerous,” he says. “Environmentalists are against golden rice, which could prevent half a million kids from going blind every year. Taking a daffodil gene and putting it into a rice plant: Is this Armageddon?”Nice article from his website defending forestry from the charges of environmentalists: “…the general public is being given the impression, by supposedly reputable sources such as the New York Times and National Geographic that forestry is a major cause of species extinction when there is actually no evidence to support that position.”

11:12 am on March 5, 2004