Earthlink Blocking LRC Mailings

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Several times over the past two months, Earthlink has blocked the daily mailings from

Our mail hosting company, NetAtlantic has been very helpful in getting Earthlink to remove the blocks each time. However, within a week Earthlink has put back the block.

The block was lifted (again) yesterday, but, in all likelihood, it will happen again.

Since we are not Earthlink customers, they have little interest in helping us.

However, Earthlink (and Mindspring) customers should complain to try to get their attention.

Here is what you need to tell them (feel free to add your own comments):

I subscribe to the daily update and look forward to receiving them every day.

Several times over the last few months, Earthlink has blacklisted the mailings so that I no longer receive them. Only after complaining each time to the mailer, NetAtlantic, have they resumed.

I have opted into the mailing because I want to receive it.

The mailings come from The title of the list is and it always comes from the dedicated IP host

I would appreciate it if you could place them on a whitelist so that this problem doesn’t occur again.

8:50 am on October 20, 2011