Duplicitous Rove’s Dubious Dodge

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“The 110th Congress is an excellent target for Mr. McCain. He ought to take careful aim at it and commence firing,” writes Karl Rove in the WSJ.

And what’s the elephant in that living room? The Democrat Congress’s acquiescence to Bush’s war budgets, and his destruction of civil liberties, when the 110th congress was elected specifically to end the illegal, immoral war, and to protect our God-given rights.

Do you expect Obama to confront McCain with this? “Hey, John, what’s your problem? This Democrat Congress funded your surge, we gave immunity to your telecom partners in crime, we supported your unconstitutional programs on both the domestic and the foreign fronts. So what’s your beef, John?”

Not likely. They have nothing to run on but fear itself. “Fear Obama,” say the Swiftboaters. “Fear Terror,” say the Bushbackers.

Whatever you do, don’t think. And if all else fails, just fear the state. It has surpassed Thomas Hobbes’s fondest dreams. It is indeed a ‘mortal god,’ with the power of life and death over us all.

8:10 am on August 28, 2008