Duncan Dooms GOP To Oblivion

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The RNC is now the GOP’s Ministry of Truth. Doublespeak reigns (“we want ideas” — “Shut up, Dr. Paul!”), and ThoughtCrime is thoroughly punished, as JB writes from Duncan’s home state:

“I know what Robert “Mike” Duncan thinks of Ron Paul supporters. I was a delegate at the Republican Party of Kentucky State Convention when state party chairman Steve Robertson refused to recognize Ron Paul supporters to speak and even called the Sergeant At Arms to remove one person who tried to call a point of order.

Duncan attended the convention as he is a Kentuckian and sat right behind Robertson and never said a word about what was going on.”

How nice to lead a political party that requires you to lie, cheat, and steal. Must make Mr. Duncan feel very good to appeal to abstract “ideas” — since he left the truth behind long ago.

3:13 pm on December 20, 2008