Drugging Kids into Submission

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Writes Elizabeth Cameron:

Another expansion of Big Pharma’s capitalizing on the catastrophe of public schooling, and working unceasingly to expand the devastation.

The degree of suppression for the school-aged student is simply breath-taking.  The state-enforced public school prison with its social conditioning is colossally bad for the student, and when the poor result shows, then instead of fixing the bad system, or better yet, removing the poor child from the system, we blame the student with a psych-based diagnosis and give him a chemical straight-jacket to “help” him.  And now, not even that; some doctors are just going ahead and prescribing the various medications, just on general principles.. just, you know, because they can.  Great!  This has got to be Big Pharma’s dream come true.  One parent in this article noted that Medicaid paid almost all of the medical expenses for the doctors and the prescriptions for her children’s drugs.

The fault, of course, is that we tax slaves haven’t given enough money to “fix” the public school system.  So it’s bad, yeah, but that’s how it is, so what else can they do but drug the kids into submission?

NEWS FLASH: Dropping one’s children into the present-day public school system with its psych-based pharmaceutical “lead pipes to the head,” is akin to dropping them behind enemy lines.

Save the kids!  Mobilize the rescue teams!  Get ‘em outta there!

10:19 am on October 11, 2012