Drug Warriors Arrest Woman For Filling Prescription

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A woman in Dallas who had recently undergone a knee reconstruction was arrested for trying to refill her prescription. Ann Lenhart called to get her pain prescription refilled, which was Norco, an opioid pain medication. The pharmacy called Ann and asked her what time she would pick up her prescription. They had a cop waiting for her, and she was hauled off in a cruiser, taken to jail for a night, and charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, which is a felony charge. She had to get an attorney to secure her entrance back into her workplace because she had been branded a criminal. The police dropped charges after they decided to talk to her doctor and discovered the prescription was legit (as if her knee brace and permanent IV line weren’t enough of an indication). Oh, but of course, she could have faked that.

Miss Lenhart is suing CVS for false imprisonment, defamation, etc. Good for her. This reminds me of a time several years ago, after each of my two shoulder reconstructions, when I was given Demerol, also an opioid, under some very liberal pain management by my orthopedic surgeon. Once I left the hospital, he wrote me a prescription for Demerol, and there was only one place within a decent range of my home that would fill it (a local hospital pharmacy). When I showed up to pick up the prescription, sealed in a plastic armour jacket and sling from the waist up, with my two elderly parents in tow, I was treated suspicious and with disdain. Thanks to Charles Everett for the link.

6:00 pm on May 7, 2012