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Like most everyone in America and much of the rest of the world, I read the Drudge Report. Though it is neocon Republican, it is brilliantly edited, and an invaluable source of anti-Obama and other info. (I do have to note that LRC sometimes scoops the huge and powerful DR, as with this story about the DC police chiefess calling traffic-ticket avoiders cowards. It’s on Drudge today. but I blogged about it, thanks to an LRC reader, more than a week ago.) Drudge features useful anti-tax stories like this, his headline today, but he never ceases to beat the war drums, for example by featuring anti-Iranian stories like this. Since Ahmadinejad has been mistranslated before, there is no way to tell what he actually says, but we do know this: the hardline leaders of the US and Israel keep threatening to bomb Iran back into the Stone Age unless it bends the knee. Murray Rothbard once wondered, about similar demands against Iraq before the first US destruction of that country, how often other governments had succumbed to such outside demands. In my view, this is just the breast-beating theatre of blood, designed to prepare US and world public opinion for the organized crime of war. The US and Israel are stuffed to the gills with WMD. They are both expansionary powers. Iran is neither. Any questions?

I should add: I wish and pray that Iran would submit. Better red than dead. And better red, white, and blue than dead.

11:30 am on July 16, 2009