Dr. Zhivago’s Prescription …

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… does not go down easily after the WND Kool-Aid.

Omar Sharif condemns U.S. Middle East policy, blaming it on ignorance (of Americans at large, not the neocons).

As Jon Utley has often observed, the world knows a lot more about America than Americans know about the world. Sharif points out that 90% of Americans have never left the country.

As a cultural icon, Sharif actually understands culture. “”We, the Arabs… We are not like [regular countries],” he said, explaining why he warned Bush against encouraging democracy in Iraq. “We are sects. This is how we have always been.”

“People like me prefer to go to the neighborhood sheik. I like going to him, and he resolves all the problems. If someone stole from you, you take him to the neighborhood sheik, and you say, ‘This man stole from me.’ The sheik says to him, ‘Return the money, or never come back to the neighborhood.'”

And how does WND respond to that very informative observation? Bashes it as a “diatribe,” of course — thus proving Sharif’s point.

Ignorance, indeed.

11:26 am on June 9, 2008