Ron Paul Cured Me of My Conservatism

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Writes Kevin Meylor:

Last night we came across a video version of Dr. Seuss’s “The Butter Battle Book” that was included on a DVD of the wonderful classic “Horton Hears a Who!”  I asked my 9 year old (homeschooled) son if he had already seen it and he said simply, “Yeah, it’s about how pointless war is.”  Boy, he nailed that one.

What I wanted to relate to you is the change that watching this cartoon revealed in my own thinking.  About 5 years ago (at the height of my own “conservatism”) we picked up a VHS copy at a garage sale.  After one screening, I pitched the video. Why?  Because it offended my sensitive conservative sensibilities.  After all, the video makes both of the make-believe nations look equally arrogant, forceful, guilt, and ridiculous! Surely OUR country was none of those things — and we were certainly justified in using the force of our “Big Boy Boomaroos” whenever it was deemed necessary.

Today I find myself with an entirely different perspective.  I see the state as the sham that it is.  I see bureaucrats of all stripes as the parasites they are.   I see leviathan always on the prowl to feed itself.  And most importantly, I see that war is indeed the health of the state.  Now, upon hearing my son’s short summation, I couldn’t be more pleased — or more ashamed for my own thinking only half a decade ago.  I credit this transformation to a path led by Ron Paul which took me right to the door of LRC!  And I am happy to say that the final nail in the coffin for my conservative label came in the form of your speech at the Rally for the Republic. Thank you for that and all the work you do!

PS — Just looking now, I see the video is on YouTube in 3 parts.

3:16 pm on April 29, 2010