Dr. Block, Stop It!

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Writes Ross Mohan:

Dear Dr. Block, I am writing you about your recent articles on LRC, specifically those around your attempts to debate Dr. Medina or, failing that, to educate her in manners.

I am asking you, Dr. Block, in all sincerity: Stop It.

Stop it, because I cheer at my desk when I read these articles. (This disturbs others in my workplace.)

Stop it, because cheering alone is insufficient, and I am unalterably compelled, once again, to donate money to LRC. (Forums for healthy, adult debate are few and far between, and there are virtually none like LRC.)

Stop it, because even though my time is as limited as my funds, I am now further compelled to research and read your earlier work (you see, Dr. Medina is not alone in needing some education; I believe I can benefit from additional learning, as well.)

Simply put, Dr. Block, I am spending scarce time and money in support of you, your ideas, and LRC, despite the fact that I am not certain I agree with all of what you may say.

What I do support — unreservedly — is your intellectual honesty, your manners, and your courage. (By the way, this exchange has also elevated Loyola NO in my esteem).

12:04 pm on December 3, 2008