Down Is Always Up At The New National Review

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We are to believe that it is the release of the torture photos, rather than the torture itself, which is wrong. The release of the photos will cause people to die.

NR’s “conservative” morality: Telling the truth kills people. Torturing saves people. This is the logic of the tyrant, of Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth, of Room 101. Bill Buckley, call your office — and fire them all.

Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan, generous to a fault, wonders why the GOP can’t resuscitate the cadaver. “If history is any guide,” he writes,”the pendulum will swing back in 2010.”

Right, Pat. The pendulum always swings back. Until it doesn’t. But as long as the GOP is arguing about how much we should torture people, Obama will be laughing all the way to 2012. Meanwhile, a memo to those Republican hacks who scorned LRC’s contributors for objecting to torture when it was going on: you owe us an apology. Your silence is deafening.

11:13 am on May 12, 2009