Dorner: Waco 2013?

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Did anyone seriously think that the cops would allow LAPD critic Chris Dorner to live long enough to stand trial for his admittedly reprehensible violent acts, which nonetheless carried the possibility of seriously embarrassing the Los Angeles Police Department? Of course not.

Latino newspaper delivery workers in the area are shot even though they bear no resemblance to the accused. Others are shot. Victims throughout Los Angeles County could only pray for such a police response to the violence they must live with on a daily basis, mostly thanks to the drug war. But they are only the taxpayers, they do not count.

No chance he could be taken alive. He is a “cop killer.” So like Koresh who also threatened to embarrass cops by continuing to breathe oxygen, Dorner somehow does not survive the raid.

It is hard to cry too heartily over the death of a government-trained killer who has “gone rogue,” but is anyone else as chilled as I am about reports that drones have been darkening California skies looking for this killer? What about his burned out truck? Was it Pakistan-on-Big-Bear?

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7:38 pm on February 12, 2013