Don’t You Love It When Leviathan Trips Over Its Own Coils?

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“One South Florida man accused in a series of bank robbery attempts is hoping the recent revelation that the federal government is secretly keeping millions of U.S. phone records could help his defense” by proving that he was nowhere near the scene.

Since his carrier can’t locate the relevant data, his attorney wants the NSA to cough it up. “The president of the United States has recognized this program has been ongoing since 2006 … to gather the phone numbers [and related information] of everybody including my client in 2010,” [the defendant’s counsel, Marshall Dore] Louis said.

Indeed. “’If the government is spying on our phone calls, it can’t then claim in the same breath that it won’t provide those calls when it helps the defense. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander,’ said David Oscar Markus, a defense lawyer who blogs about the federal justice system in South Florida and first wrote about the unusual request.”

And you’re absolutely right, Mr. Markus —  or should be. But in a police-state, the ganders pluck the geese and plunder their nests. They even slaughter some, usually but not always those who hiss and honk in dissent. Nor do those foul fowl abide by the rules they foist on the lesser birds. You can read more about this parasitic species in Animal Farm. (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)

8:22 am on June 14, 2013