Don’t Watch TV

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Tyler Cruise forwards this great article by Mr. Will Grigg from The New American:

In the typical American home, the television set occupies the center of the living room, as if it were the household deity. People immersed in TV’s caricature of reality indulge in a delusional sense of intimacy with people they do not know — and who usually don’t exist — at the expense of relationships with the most consequential people in their lives: their parents, children and neighbors. Passive consumers of television also submit to the powers of people skilled in the use of fantasy as a means of re-calibrating public attitudes and values, not just about family life and sexual morality, but also about any other moral question of consequence.

“Of all the arts,” commented founding Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin, “cinema is the most important.” Lenin’s regime pioneered the use of cinematic propaganda as a means of building the total state, and Lenin’s heirs from Hitler to Kim Jong-Il have used his techniques. In his precautionary tale 1984 George Orwell anticipated the use of television as an instrument of totalitarian social engineering: Every hapless subject of Big Brother’s regime was required to commune with the omnipresent “telescreen,” a combination television and surveillance device.

Brad Edmonds and I wrote a piece on this a while back.

9:17 pm on March 7, 2004