Don’t I Count?

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My comments about voting are about choosing representatives and executives in the main, not voting on bond issues for various districts and projects or on local judges.

What if I prefer to represent myself? What if I don’t want to throw in my single vote in a pile with another 699,999 people so that we select one representative in Congress? What if I don’t accept such a system of government? Why must I be herded into such a system? Don’t I count? Apparently I do not count. The individual actually does not count in such a system. You may tell me I have the same vote as anyone else and that’s “fair,” but is it? What if I prefer to represent myself? I will be told that I must accept society’s setup as it is. Why? Why must I accept a setup that’s dictatorial by construction? Why must I accept the outcomes of this setup, which also are dictatorial? I will be told that somehow all social relations will fall apart if I am not made to accept these powers over me. This is false. The degree of powers is ever growing and ever diminishing the exercise of my rights and naturally-lawful preferences. That degree used to be miniscule, and society didn’t fall apart. Why must it be so large now? Must society take 50 percent of everyone’s income in order not to fall apart (that’s in the aggregate, not person by person)? To raise the bogey man of society falling apart as justification for today’s government is ludicrous. It’s entirely a false argument. We could go back to a government that takes 5 percent of income and society would thrive. Each of us would count more. Each of us would represent ourselves in 45 percent more of our own command over our own lives.

8:17 am on September 18, 2012