Don’t Flatter Yourselves, You Despots and Deviants

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The britches of the totalitarians at the DHS are in a wad because “tens of thousands of current and former Homeland Security Department employees [sic for ‘leeches’] are at risk of identity theft after officials discovered a vulnerability in a vendor’s system used for processing background investigations.” You’ll recall that DHS is the uber-bureaucracy for such execrable sets of wretches as the TSA and Customs and Border Patrol.

I think I can set their minds – such as they are – at ease. No self-respecting thief out there lusts after your identities, you jack-booted thugs. Indeed, you couldn’t even give them away. Who wants to be known as a paranoid control-freak and pedophile, let alone a pervert strip-searching grandmothers while bullying survivors of cancer and disabled little kids?

Free-lance criminals have way too much integrity ever to hope that someone will mistake them for such sleaze.

2:55 am on May 23, 2013