Don’t Do It, Caroline

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The Kennedy machine is arranging for JFK’s daughter Caroline to be appointed to Hillary’s senate seat (though I’d like to see Bill get the job, to give Obama trouble). She seems like a pleasant, private young woman. Yesterday, while being escorted to her SUV limo [all the rich Greens are driven in them], she snubbed the pile of reporters. This was not an act of arrogance for a would-be senator, but of shyness. Now Caroline, here you are living the life of a Park Avenue socialite – beautiful clothes, wonderful parties, important charitable work – why the heck would you want to trade that for the ugly scam of electoral politics? You’d have to be ideologically driven, which you are not, or, like Hillary, powermad. Perhaps you’re not that either. If so, Don’t Do It.

7:26 am on December 18, 2008