Don’t Count Me, Bro

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The most economically illiterate things I have heard about the census is that this will help to distribute funds “fairly” to every community. I don’t remember the car wash place around the corner committing extortion by requiring folks to fill out questions under penalty of fines, jail, or execution (if one resists hard enough). Answer and return this questionnaire, so that we can improve your community, your roads, schools, and everything that makes life great, they say. But if you don’t, we’re coming after you. Armed.

The idea of being able to determine your fair share of taxes is just as bad as saying that there is such a thing as a tax that is fair. The myth of the benevolent (and beneficial) taxation, however, remains with us. In the end, it’s all for our own good—acceptance is key.

9:19 am on February 19, 2010