Don’t bomb Syria!

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My friend and colleague Michael Rozeff gave 9 very important reasons why the U.S. should not bomb Syria:

Here are a few more such reasons (I hope and trust and expect that Michael will take these as ‘friendly amendments” to his listing):

10. The U.S. has used chemical weapons. Anyone remember Waco? 11. The U.S. is the only country to have used weapons of truly massive destruction. Anyone remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Japan was ready to surrender. It only wanted some face saving concessions. The U.S. demanded unconditional surrender. 12. I thought that the U.S. government opposed Al Qaeda. Why would it now take the side of this organization? 13. According to our fellow libertarians the minarchists, the sole purpose of government is to defend its domestic citizens and residents and their property; not to export democracy; not to punish people for stepping over “red lines,” not to do anything but engage in defense of the nation. There is not even the slightest question that Bashar Al-Assad has the power, or even the interest in attacking the U.S. thus, bombing Syria would be an act of offense, not defense. 14. Any poke in the eye for our friends the conservatives and the neo-conservatives is a good poke in the eye. William Kristol, Donald Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz and John McCain want the U.S. to attack Syria. Nothing that brings discomfort to people of this evil ilk can be all bad.


3:26 pm on August 31, 2013