“Don’t Be A Deadbeat Dad”?

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Stephan, unfortunately, innocence is no protection from the tyrannical “deadbeat dad” regime in America. Matt Welch writes in Reason that

when the government accuses you of fathering a child, no matter how flimsy the evidence, you are one month away from having your life wrecked. Federal law gives a man just 30 days to file a written challenge; if he doesn’t, he is presumed guilty. And once that steamroller of justice starts rolling, dozens of statutory lubricants help make it extremely difficult, and prohibitively expensive, to stop — even, in most cases, if there’s conclusive DNA proof that the man is not the child’s father….It does not matter if he was on vacation, was confused, or (as often happens) didn’t even receive the summons, or if he simply treated the complaint’s deadlines with the same lack of urgency people routinely exhibit toward jury duty summonses — he’s now the dad.

This is just another case where calling upon the state and its courts to serve justice is hopeless. The state can never protect us, including from the problems it has created with its policies. The reader who wrote to you and points out the similarity between forced abstinence and EPA fines makes a good point, though perhaps accidentally. The government created a pollution problem by collectivizing water, air and land. It cannot conceivably fix the problem it created with the totalitarian mechanisms of the anti-property EPA, nor can it proactively stop the destruction of families in America, in which it has had no small role.

4:49 pm on September 29, 2004