Dollar Billed

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Gary North once wrote that the day was coming when one wouldn’t bother to stoop down to pick up a dollar bill. Just as that’s about to happen, the Mint wants to get rid of the dollar bill, and perhaps substitute a John “Alien and Sedition” Adams coin in the cheapest, ugliest metal. But why not prepare for the future and get rid of all coins and the one and two dollar bills, too, leaving just the $5 with its prettified Abe? That will get us ready to jettison the $10, $20, etc. Eventually, the US can bring back the $100,000 bill, complete with Woodrow’s mug. Only this time, it won’t be a gold note. Or maybe the feds will fulfill their long-term goal and get rid of all hand-to-hand money, the better to control us.

1:12 pm on November 30, 2012