Doing Menial Work for Our Freedoms

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From a veteran who does not miss his former employer:

A 30ish, healthy looking guy approached me asking for money today on the streets in DC. I denied him and he began to invoke guilt by citing his military service spent fighting for my freedom. I was in the US Army for 18 months. My service time was spent showing up for formation, showing up for PT, guard duty, fire watch duty, motor pool duty, armory duty, floor buffing duty, and zero fighting. That’s the experience of the vast majority of military service personnel. I’d like to see fighting for freedom replaced with doing menial work for freedom. It’s more accurate and removes the inappropriate prestige reserved for the military.

Then he added: “Come to think of it, I did fight. I fought to get out of such a soul deadening, creativity stifling, thought crushing organization.”

1:38 pm on April 12, 2012