Does He Or Doesn

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… approve of Israel’s upcoming attack on Iran?

According to the Jerusalem Post, Bush said “no”:

“Several news reports have claimed recently that US President George W. Bush has refused to give Israel a green light for an attack on Iranian facilities. One such report, published in September in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, claimed that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert requested a green light to attack Iran in May but was refused by Bush.”

But Al Jazeera sees a “yes” – and cites Ron Paul!

“Israel’s prime minister says Washington has not rejected a request by Tel Aviv to take any action it deems ‘necessary’ against Iran…. Earlier in July, Texas congressman Ron Paul warned that any Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would take place with the explicit backing of the US government.

The outspoken congressman told Press TV that, ‘No matter what they do, it is our money, it is our weapons, and they are not going to do it without us approving it.’”

10:46 am on December 4, 2008