Does Fandom Breed Establishment Loyalists?

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I love sports. So Michael writes to me and rants about the ridiculously fanatical fan fever for sports teams and how that annoys him. He believes sports fervor is a form of nationalism that breeds loyalty to the establishment. I can certainly sympathize with his point. m go blue.bmp

But I’ve always thought that the bizarre notion of American school spirit is a form of quasi-nationalism, if you will. It seems to breed similar loyalty on a larger scale as these types typically come to worship the state as much as their alma mater. Going to a small, private college, I’ve always disliked the extremist college fervor from alumni that has them worshipping everything about their former place of “learning.” At 50 years old, college is still the one thing they want to talk about all the time. I used to be forced to go out to lunch with my audit team when I was working in public accounting and working out of the office on client audits. (Team-building, don’t you know.) There were two main topics of conversation that sprang forth from these otherwise intelligent, educated people: TV shows and college (alma mater) worship. It drove me nuts. Nowadays, if people do that in my company, I just start surfing the web on my Palm Smartphone.

Talking about the good old days at college as if they were the only days. Seems a bit bizarre to me.

8:47 pm on September 16, 2007