Documenting “Detainee Treatment [sic for 'Torture']“

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The Constitution Project is a “good-government” group, “created” as it was “out of the belief that we must cast aside the labels that divide us in order to keep our democracy strong…” And the personnel of its “Task Force” are with one exception committed statists who have either swilled for years at the public trough or pretended that those who do have some sort of legitimacy — men such as “Asa Hutchinson (Task Force Co-Chair) – former Undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and former GOP Congressman” and “Judge William S. Sessions – former Director of the FBI.”

These are not folks willing to set the woods on fire against the Feds. That makes their latest publication, released this week, especially damning (or so I assume, based on their press releases: I haven’t yet had a chance to read all 607 pages): “The report of the blue ribbon Task Force on Detainee Treatment [sic for 'torture'] is the most comprehensive, bipartisan investigation into the detention and treatment [sic for 'torture'] of suspected terrorists yet published. The product of more than two years of research, analysis and deliberation by the Task Force members and staff, it provides the American people with a broad understanding of what is known — and what may still be unknown — about the past and current treatment [sic for 'torture'] of suspected terrorists detained by the U.S. government during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations, and across multiple geographic theatres, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo and the so-called ‘black sites.’”

The report’s first “finding” states, “U.S. forces, in many instances, used interrogation techniques on detainees that constitute torture. American personnel conducted an even larger number of interrogations that involved ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.’ Both categories of actions violate U.S. laws and international treaties. Such conduct was directly counter to values of the Constitution and our nation.” And remember, these are people who like Leviathan!

Thanks to Michael J. Harrington for alerting me to this report. Make Our Rulers unhappy: download and read, or at least skim, it.

9:55 am on April 18, 2013