Doc and Dennis Denounce the Money Counterfeiters and Their Military Empire

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Congressmen Ron Paul (R-TX) and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) talk to Andrew Napolitano about their two favorite bête noires—the counterfeiting “Federal” Reserve and the military empire that the “Fed’s” counterfeit money pays for. (That was always one of the main reasons why the “Fed” was created in the first place.) Notice at 2:35 in the video Napolitano mentions (disparagingly) the “One Worlders on the Upper East Side.” The “One Worlders” (aka the United Nations) are not really on the Upper East Side. The United Nations is located in midtown Manhattan. But there is one very important One Worlder who is on the Upper East Side.

[Thanks to Gigi Bowman]

6:36 am on April 2, 2011