Do You Want to Eat Horsemeat?

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Then you should move to Oklahoma. Lawmakers there recently voted to allow the operation of horse slaughterhouses. It turns out that horse meat has been illegal since Congress ended Dept. of Agriculture funding for horse slaughterhouse inspections in 2006. There is a bill in Congress right now that would make it illegal to slaughter horses for food.

My point in bringing this story up is this: Where is the Constitution does it authorize the federal government to ban or regulate the slaughtering of horses for food? Where does it authorize the federal government to have anything to do with horses? Europeans consumed 119,000 tons of horse meat in 2012, with 21,250 tons of it coming from the US via Mexico and Canada. If Americans want to eat horse meat, then let them eat it. Any member of Congress who makes this a federal issue is an enemy of the Constitution.

By the way, I just found horse meat mentioned in the Constitution. It is next to the statement about raw milk.

4:58 pm on March 28, 2013