Do Our Rulers Love To Eat More Than They Hate Immigrants?

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In their unending fervor to punish the lawbreakers among us — except, of course, those elected to office — the Feds continue their war on “illegal” immigrants.

And when they succeed in driving these humble, hard-working people from American acreage, who’s going to supply congressional dining rooms with arugula and asparagus? “‘We pay fair wages; we just can’t find enough legal U.S. workers to come work in the fields,’ Bruce Frasier, owner of Dixondale Farm in Carrizo Springs, Texas, said.” He criticized E-Verify, the totalitarian edict requiring employers to determine employees’ citizenship that the saintly Dr. Paul has also condemned.

The Packer, a newspaper “covering the fresh produce industry since 1893,” regularly reports similar stories with similar quotes: “Local residents just won’t pick apples, regardless of the unemployment situation, said John Rice, president of Gardners, PA-based Rice Fruit Co. ‘[Double-digit unemployment across the U.S.] doesn’t help us, and part of it is packing apples, like picking a lot of crops, is tough work,’ he said.”

Mr. Rice added that “it requires a high degree of skill. ‘We pay by the piece,’ he said. ‘Professional pickers can make a lot of money doing it. Generally, people who have never done it before don’t do that well with it.’”

Yet utterly useless politicians whose only skills are lying and thieving gin up hostility against “illegal” immigrants for “stealing” jobs.

10:02 am on September 28, 2011