Do Not Miss the Naomi Wolf “Interview”

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Wow! Just finished the longest Lew Rockwell Show episode yet: America’s Slow-Motion Fascist Coup. It didn’t take me the whole 50 minutes to figure out why Lew decided to use this whole conversation rather than cut it down to the usual 15 minutes or so.

This is an extraordinary exchange (not really an interview in the traditional sense at all). Forget Obama, here is real hope! Light bulbs turning on, the real enemy (the state) becoming clear and new alliances forming… This is the way to destroy the divide and conquer strategy the U.S. State has used so effectively to keep it about “left” vs. “right” or whatever instead of what it should be about… Regular folks vs. that gang of thieves writ large. Thrilling!

12:54 pm on October 31, 2008