Do Not Be Ashamed, Mr. President, of Who You Are

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We know darn well that when the feds and their media run a hate campaign saying, “Kill anyone who dissents from the official view,” it does not always mean that the poor, demonized “conspiracy theorists” are right; it does mean there is something to hide.  On the “birther” question, the notice in the Honolulu paper seems conclusive, but here is why it may not be all over the media: His father was Barack Hussein Obama. That makes the prez Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

As a junior myself, I say, stand tall, Barack! Come out of the closet. Do not try to pass as part of the majority, as a guy with no suffix. Say it loud: be junior and proud. Do not be ashamed of who you are. Do not let the sneers of the short-named affect you. You’ve moved from the outhouse to the White House: say it with me, Junior Is Beautiful, Junior Is Beautiful. If you cannot, I do not condemn you. It may just mean that you need to join group therapy for junior-denial. Barack, your inner junior is crying to get out. Do not suppress him any longer. You’re OK, I’m OK.

7:19 am on July 28, 2009